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Exterior House Painting

Instead of stressing over an imminent exterior house painting Vaughan job, let our company take over. Everything likely looks impossible to you and for a good reason. Painting house exteriors is quite a job. No doubt. That’s why you need our team. With us, you get informed about the latest painting styles and methods, the most modern colors, and the most recent trends and have nothing to worry about. With Vaughan Painters, nothing is a concern. Allow us to tell you how it’s all done.

The way Vaughan exterior house painting jobs get started

Exterior House Painting Vaughan

We have experience with exterior house painting in Vaughan, Ontario. Rest assured. And bring this experience and all the knowledge we have to your home in an attempt to make your choices and decisions on all aspects of the job much easier. No wonder the appointed contractor helps you with the colors, choosing styles and techniques, and all things you need to think of and decide about. So, the first step of such projects is for you to talk with a specialized exterior painter about all things that must be done.

Talking to a home painter will allow you to know about the process, make decisions, and get a free – no-obligation, estimate. Sounds good?

The exterior painters get to work

Come the exterior painting service day, the team shows up as scheduled and fully prepared for the job. They bring the machines, tools, and equipment they need to carry out the job. And once they cover the needed area, they start prepping the surfaces. That’s a crucial point. Why, you may wonder! Because most exterior surfaces get their fair share of beating. And since they are quite weathered, their blemishes must be addressed with great care. For the same reason, they must be painted to perfection so that their good looks and resistance will last for many years.

Let us assure you that when each exterior house painter gets to work, all surfaces become smooth and ready for the finishing coatings. It all comes down to prepping correctly and thoroughly. Let’s talk about that.

Good prep work comes before painting the exterior

The exterior painting includes all parts – the siding, the fascia, the deck, the walls, the fence, the windows, the doors. No worries about that. The important thing is that the painters focus on prepping all surfaces first. And since all exterior surfaces have seen better days – as we said before, the pros do what they must – depending on the situation, the condition of the surface in question, and the surface’s material.

Be sure that the Vaughan painters appointed to all jobs are experienced with all materials, know how to prep them, and use the correct paints. Of course, all paints are suitable for exterior applications, and both the colors and coating styles used are those previously agreed with you.

The prep work may include anything from power washing, caulking, fixing decks, sanding, peeling off old paints, taking care of blemishes, et cetera. The surfaces become smooth and both the primer and paint are applied as required.

As you can tell, everything is done by the book. Should we talk about timeframes, colors, styles, your house’s exterior, and your personal expectations? Make an appointment for a free estimate for your Vaughan exterior house painting and let’s take it from there.